Writer For Hire!

Want to work together? I enjoy collaborating with others to create unique custom work. Currently, I write both fiction and non-fiction pieces centred around  age play, BDSM, fetish and general human sexuality. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Articles, Blogs and Non-Fiction Writing

I enjoy writing about sex, age play, fetish, BDSM and kink. I am happy to discuss other topics, but as these are the areas I am most well-versed in, they are the ones where you can see the best examples of my work. I have been featured in SBS Sexuality and also Archer Magazine, both well-known Australian publications.

For more information about rates, etc, please hit me up.

I’ll Craft a Custom Short Story!

For readers who have enjoyed my work but want something a little more custom, either something featuring their name and the name of their beloved or something featuring naughty little details they’re dying to see in print but don’t have the time or confidence to pull it off, we can discuss what you’d like in a story, what you’d love in a story and of course all the important details.

For more information about rates, etc, please hit me up.