The Sugar Daddy Agency: Her French Alpha Billionaire

He can give her everything she ever wanted, if only she would let him.

When intrepid Lindsay from small town America hops off her plane in Paris – the city she has decided she will live in to get away from her boring former life – high rental prices and few opportunities for employment land Lindsay on the doorstep of a sugar daddy agency. She is shy about throwing away her good girl status for a comfortable life in the worlds cultural capital. Someone pretty amazing is about to change that though!

Lindsay quickly finds herself falling for this sexy, exotic older man.

Lindsay wonders he this could possibly work as she looks over the hard body of this man who has everything in the world but the one thing he desires: a girl to look after. Could she be that girl for him?

It’s a choice Lindsay has to make: Does she stay or does she go? Adventure and the man she adores and lusts for or the family responsibilities back home in familiar, comfortable America?