The New Alpha: A Werewolf Shifter Romance (Immortal Battle Series Book 2)

Izzy: I had been relaxing in my apartment binge watching the latest series when I heard loud noises from outside. Swinging my front door open, I came face to face with him, and he was hot! Standing before me in his police officer uniform, I felt my head swimming. I had to have him, and right now.

Caleb: Viewing a new apartment after I left the old pack (with half of the pack following to join a pack under as the new alpha), I found my mate. I hadn’t been looking for her but here was the woman I would fight to protect, and it wouldn’t take long for me to have to prove that.

Izzy and Caleb’s romance runs hot. These two lovers are crazy for one another, even as Izzy refuses to believe her hot new fling is part of a supernatural underworld, laughing the very idea off. But what happens when vampires steal Izzy away and Caleb has to fight for her? Will he get her back? Just how much does he have to fight for her and will he make the ultimate sacrifice for their love in the end?