Saint Paddy’s Daddy: An Age Play Romance

Mary and her best friend win the trip of a lifetime – a chance to explore Ireland and be in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day! – The girls quickly find that the country has more going for it than leprechauns, green beer and funny accents when Mary meets and falls in love with a hot local guy.

But this guy isn’t just the strong silent type he appears to be, he is a kinky man with some interests she never expected. He wants to be her ‘daddy’ and take care of her. Although this sounded strange at the beginning, Mary is warming to the idea.

As Mary slips into a dynamic she doesn’t feel sure she can tell her BFF about, she also wonders if she really wants to be on the plane when her best friend leaves at the end of their holiday.

WARNING: This book contains descriptions of rough sex, spanking, age play, domestic discipline and BDSM. Please do not purchase this book if any of these things offend you.

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