Frankie’s Irish Eyes: When This Badass Australian Witch Falls In Love

His job is to look after her, but will she let him?

Frankie Williams sees herself as a normal twenty-two year old Australian girl. She just finished her university studies and took off to Ireland for what promised to be the adventure of a lifetime. Her adventure is cut short when she is called home after her mothers sudden death.

Jon, Frankie’s beloved friend and drop dead gorgeous boss comes to her aid, he is devoted to looking after Frankie at a time when the normally badass girl needs it the most. While Frankie is learning to navigate the world on her own for the first time, Jon is right there by her side, dutifully anticipating her needs in a way no-one could expect.

When Frankie finds out she is pregnant though by her sexy Irishman, she is thrust into a world of magical intrigue which she and her sisters are central characters in.

Will Frankie and those closest to her be able to deal with another huge shake-up in their lives? What about the child, will the child be magical too? Why exactly is Jon so invested in looking after her in the first place?