Cowboy’s Baby: An Age Play And Spanking Romance

To fall in love, they have to learn to trust one another. To build trust, they have to first share their secrets and their secret desires.

Lindsay is an Australian tourist who picked up some work on his ranch in the Deep South of the USA. Billy is the cowboy everyone was surprised to see was still single. Attractive and charismatic, no-one knows what sort of heart beats underneath his macho exterior.

Lindsay has a secret she can’t tell him, a secret she is keeping to protect his friends. But Billy has his own secret, a fetish he was never sure he would be able to share with anyone.

Will Lindsay be able to trust Billy with her secret? Will Billy be able to confess his love for babygirls and his role as a Daddy Dom? Will they be able to shed their secrets and discover the intimacy you can only feel when you are naked down to the soul?

A hot standalone full-length novel about a cowboy Daddy Dom and his cute Aussie babygirl finding one another and falling in love in the most unexpected way. Guaranteed HEA.