Billionaire’s Little Sweetheart: A Spanking And Age Play Romance

Sometimes you find love – and lust – in interesting places!

Cindy is a broke college student who needs a new place to live fast after being evicted from her dorm room without notice. Cindy is scrambling for a new place to live with very little money when she finds an interesting housing ad in the paper.

A sexy, well-to-do older man will give Cindy her own self-contained cottage on his billion-dollar property right near campus in exchange for a few hours cleaning a week. The deal seems too good to be true.

When Cindy agrees to move in though, the older man gives her a contract outlining her life living there that mentions nothing about the maid’s duties. Cindy will not only receive free accommodation she will also receive an allowance for personal expenses. Among other things, the contract states that Cindy has to call the sexy older man ‘Daddy’ and has to wear pretty girly clothes around the house for him.

Although this isn’t Cindy’s usual scene, she signs the contract anyway. For a girl who doesn’t normally take too many risks, Cindy is keen to find out just what happens when her Daddy finds out she’s been a naughty girl!

Warning: This romance novel includes scenes depicting sex acts, BDSM, and age play. If any of these things offend you don’t buy the book.

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