S. L. Finlay is an Australian author and journalist. Deeply passionate about all things naughty sexual fantasy, she crafts stories that sate the appetites of both seasoned kinksters and the curious alike.

In addition to some wicked fiction S. L. Finlay’s work has been featured in Men’s HealthSBS, Archer Magazine and others.

S. L. Finlay’s goal is – with the assistance of her community and readers – to create a more liberated world where everyone is free to explore their fantasies safely without fear of judgment.

Formerly globe-trotting kinkster who has returned to her home town of Melbourne with enough tales of love, loss and exotic fetish to fill many volumes of autobiographies, Finlay has chosen to turn her pen to writing fictional stories about heroes who make you swoon and heroines who make you green with envy.

With themes of sexual exploration, power, passion, and a healthy measure of adventure permeating through her fictional work, it’s not hard to see why so many enjoy reading S. L. Finlay’s romance and erotic novels.

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