Aha! Intimate, My New Medium Column

I am very excited to announce that I have my own column over on medium. I am kind of like Cary Bradshaw now, only, you know, kinky.

This is something I am super excited about because I have long been writing about my own ‘aha!’ moments when it came to my own intimate relationships. Whenever I had a breakup or was looking for someone new, or just had a moment of realization inside a relationship, I would blog about it in a personal blog and loads of strangers would give their input.

Sometimes what I would write would go viral, and start real conversations. Frustratingly, I never received a cent for my writing.

This is an opportunity for me to both do that writing and also receive some payment for my hard work.

If you enjoy reading and want to hear about cool stuff like female wet dreams and hacks to seriously save time online dating so you can actually get out there and do the dating, and less of the online, then check out Aha! Intimate here.

You can subscribe to keep up-to-date with the column, and I would really appreciate it if y’all shared pieces you enjoyed with your friends.

Just before I go as well, my sale over at Smashwords (30% off my entire catalog) ends Sunday, so if you haven’t already, jump on it.

Until next time – happy reading!

S. L. Finlay

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