Deeper Than Books: Connecting With Your Favorite Authors

Recently, I had someone who is not on my email newsletter list get in touch with me. They said they didn’t want to sign up for emails but wanted the bonus chapter I was offering as an incentive to sign up for the email newsletter.

When I got the email, I wrote back promptly telling the sender that they could enter their email in the form to receive the incentive, then after they received the bonus chapter, they could click the unsubscribe link. I told them I wouldn’t be offended if they did that, as I know not everyone wants me in their inbox (yes, this is shocking news, please try not to fall off your chairs people!)

We had an email to-and-fro where the sender told me that if this was the case – and it’s honestly not just the case with me, it’s the case with most email newsletters, you can leave at any time – then she didn’t understand why more people didn’t leave because (her words) newsletters don’t offer you anything.

I thanked her for her thoughts and told her I respectfully disagreed.

Email newsletters are awesome. My readers will get heads up about new releases, will get the first offer of a freebie or a giveaway and will hear directly for me in a way that is far more personal than blogging or social.

During the release of Daddy, Boyfriend & Me this month, I sent a personal email to my newsletter recipients detailing a conversation with a friend that had related to writing age play. I also gave newsletter recipients a heads up that due to some sort of mistake, the print version of Daddy, Boyfriend & Me was available right away whereas the pre-order of the ebook would come out on the 21st. It was a bit of a wink-wink, nudge-nudge if you want the book early here’s how to get it. But I only gave my newsletter subscribers that heads up. I didn’t write it on the blog or social. I wanted the people who trust me with their emails and who let me take up precious space in their inbox month after month to have a special sneak peek if that’s what they wanted too.

In the past, the same has been true for when I was looking for people to join my ARC team to receive free books in exchange for honest reviews, when I was hosting a giveaway or when I would be offering a story or book for free (something that almost never happens, but when it does the time is so limited that sending emails means my most loyal readers will be able to nab their copies!).

It can be annoying to get 1000 author emails from authors you hardly know anything about, which is why I try to share little stories and ask my subscribers questions. I want to engage with my readers because it is you who I write for. It is you who supports me so I can keep doing what I love. You support me with your money, but more importantly with your words. I love the tweets and emails I receive more than anything. They keep me going as I have to push through rejection or writers’ block.

This is why I say – and have started to include in the welcome email with the short story or bonus chapter – if you don’t want to hear from me a couple times a month, you don’t have to. You can unsubscribe and follow me wherever you buy ebooks. Ebook retailers can send you a note when something new is out by me if that’s all you want.

So sign up, get your bonus chapter. If you like the emails you receive, stick around. If not, as I say, I won’t be offended if it’s not for you. There are other ways to keep tabs on new releases if that’s all you want for now.

Until next time – happy reading!

S. L. Finlay

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