Daddy, Boyfriend & Me Available Now On Amazon!

Reviews for Daddy, Boyfriend & Me have started showing up on Amazon after the books Friday release. There is an average of 4* from six reviewers, which is fantastic news!

Currently, the book is available in ebook and paperback. If you didn’t get a chance to pre-order, you should add a copy to your cart now.

Is there anything sweeter than the love and adoration of two men?

Craving excitement in her life, Mel shares a fantasy with her boyfriend which will change the course of her life and her relationship forever.

Mel: I had fantasized about having two men for a long time, but was sure it would never happen. Who wants to share their girlfriend with another man? As if that’ll ever happen!

Joel: Mel and I had been seeing one another for some time. Things were amazing between us! We had great sex, she was sweet as pie. When she told me she wanted two men though, I didn’t know what to feel. But I thought it couldn’t hurt, right?

William: I had been Mel’s family friend for years. She was the sweet daughter of a colleague who I desperately wanted to play daddy for. Seems I am about to get my chance.

Will Mel be able to forgo the house with a white picket fence, and the security of traditional relationships to experience her hearts desire? Will Joel and William be able to keep their jealousy in check and be happy for each other, and for Mel? Will Mel get to have her cake and eat it too?

Sounds pretty awesome, right!? Grab a copy in ebook or paperback on Amazon now!

I won’t be releasing anything new for a while as I have not got anything to share just yet. I tend to spend Australian winter inside writing flat-out for releases during our spring/the northern autumn and fall. I will be making at least three new releases this year in addition to making older books available to a wider audience and finding ways to make my books cheaper for readers.

Busy, busy!

I will see you all on the other side of winter with new reads, and there will be some new announcements about the back catalog between now and then.
Until then – happy reading!

S. L. Finlay

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