Principal Daddy’s World-Wide Release

Normally I post a blog as soon as a book goes live, however, this time I wanted to see how the launch went before talking about it on the blog.

Last month the first book in the Emerald Creek series, Taming Her Boss was released. Although it’s a bit different to what I normally write, it seems to be well-liked by readers if the star rating on Amazon is anything to go by.

On Friday though, Principal Daddy as the second in series, became live everywhere! That’s right, this series is released everywhere ebooks are sold as you guys have told me you’d like to see more of my books in more places! Of course, since I made that part of the announcement on the email newsletter – as I always email them before I hit up my blog audience – I had a few people tell me that they would like to see more of my writing in Kindle Unlimited. It’s hard to make everyone happy, but I’ll keep that in mind for the book releases into the future, that some people want Kindle Unlimited and some people want to buy off B&N or Kobo.

On with chatting about this book though…

Hot, in control and always seen in a suit, school principal Rick Calder had caught shy and uncertain Yasmin Piper’s eye, and her heart. 

Yasmin: He’s hot and I want him. He comes in to the cafe where I work looking every bit of professional, sexy man. That whole authority figure thing? Wow. He is hot without even trying! But, there’s just one little thing, one teensy tiny secret that I have, one which I am not sure how to tell him about. You see, I am into age play and it extends a little past calling my boyfriend’s daddy in bed. How do I tell him? I can’t be with a man who doesn’t know about my deepest desires.

Rick: Yasmin was a cutie, working in the local cafe so she could send her only child to my school, she had grabbed my attention and I couldn’t keep away. But how to I make the move on someone so timid without scaring her off? I needed to make her mine. I needed her body, her heart, her everything. Then, when she was right within my grasp, she told me a secret that changed everything.

Will he be able to get beyond the fact that as the school principal – the big man in charge – he’s her perfect fetish? Will he be able to cope when she tells him her deepest, darkest desires and longings? Will he be compatible when he hears her secret?

Book #2 in the Emerald Creek series, this Australian suburban/small town romance can be read as a sand alone or side-by-side with the companion books that tell the tales of other residents of Emerald Creek. All books have HEAs and hawt book boyfriends for your reading pleasure!

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Ya’ll should order your copy now!

Next month I will be releasing something different again, but it won’t be of a fetish or BDSM bent. I am still wanting to explore all the crazy, sexy, romance-y ideas in my head, so we’ll see how much you love next months release!

For now though, all you age play and male dom lovers, you know which book to get your hands on!

Until next time – happy reading!

S. L. Finlay

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