Dirty Story Fridays: Playing With Daddy And The Clown

The second week of Dirty Story Fridays is here with a story about menage fun with a hawt Daddy Dom and a Clown. I actually really enjoyed writing this one as it combines a few fetishes I’m interested in. For those who are curious to read about balloon fetishes, tickling and of course clown sex/porn in the setting of menage, this is the story for you!

Sally is a very naughty girl. Her boyfriend and dominant Nick wants to help her fulfill them. Her fantasies involve being shared with hot young men in a way that makes her blush to talk about her desires. When she reveals her fantasy about having a menage experience with a clown, she knows she has hit upon something everyone will love: with balloons and cake and tickle fights, and a hot, steamy experience she’ll never forget, Sally signs up for something different, and something exciting.

Sally’s Stories are heavy on fetish and this one is suitable for those who love clown make up, anonymous play, menage, anal play, tickling, balloons and double penetration. For the naughty!

Want to get your hot little hands on a copy? You can get yours today at Amazon or Smashwords.

Keep an eye out next week for the second in this series where our girl Sally gets to experience an anonymous gangbang.

… Then I get back to naughty romances.

… Nah, just kidding. It’s two more weeks of this before I get back to romance. I hope ya’ll enjoy the different material.

Happy Reading,

S. L. Finlay

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