Dirty Story Fridays

During the month of July, I will be releasing one dirty short story a week on a Friday. Some of these will include age play of some description (at least half), all of them will include elements of BDSM.

I wanted to do this after deciding to take some time off publishing romance for a few months and having a couple people contact me asking me about the next romance release and lament when told it’s not until September 14th.

So, I sat down and wrote a few dirty stories to keep you guys going this month.

The dates of release (and general themes of) the short stories are as follows:

July 6th – Public Menage with Daddy (available on Kindle and at Smashwords). Age play story where Daddy shares his girl with a man in the park who might just be a stranger. Has a great ending actually, I’d love to hear what readers think of the ending (and the whole story, really, but mostly the ending).

July 13th – Her Daddy shares her with a naughty clown. There’s tickling, balloons and an (adult) baby girls birthday party in here. I’ve been curious about clown fetishes for some time, so really loved writing this story! This is part of a series with the July 20th release.

July 20th – She is taken by a group of men after her Daddy promises to give her the anonymous gang bang she’s always fantasised about. Every bit of rough that she craved, she loves every moment! This is part of a series with the July 13th release.

July 27th – Her sexy personal trainer isn’t just muscles, he’s a werewolf ready to show her a good time. This story is reminiscent of the tales in the Immortal Battle romance series.

I hope you guys enjoy these stories and they keep ya’ll going until September 14th!

Of course, I’ll blog as each story is released, and will be in touch with the people who signed up for the newsletter too, so they don’t miss a release.

Until next time – Happy Reading!

S. L. Finlay


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