#AgePlayNews For June

When you can’t find something you want, sometimes the answer is to make it. #AgePlayNews is a spot on the internet to bring together all the awesome stuff that age players want to know about and love on a monthly basis.

This month, science tells us that kinky sex makes us more successful, Dan Savage gives advice to the partners of people with ABDL fetishes and sex blogger Karley Sciortino talks BDSM on VICE, but first, some humour.

A friend of mine sent this to me, and it made me laugh so hard, a bit of daddy dom related humour:

This month, Harpers Bazaar wrote a very positive piece about kinky sex that should be shared as widely as possible. ‘Kinky Sex Could Be the Secret to Your Succes

Dan Savage gives some sage advice to the wife of a diaper lover (ABDL) who doesn’t exactly dig his kink, not a bad read actually.

Feminist sex blogger and journalist Karley Sciortino created her own series on VICE chronicalling alternative sexuality. There’s plenty of BDSM in the first season, no age play as of yet. However, it’s a good view of some topics that aren’t talked about much and I know some age players will be interested. For Australians, you can find her stuff online at SBS on demand.

That’s all for this months age play news. If there’s anything I have missed that you’d like to see in the round-up, please leave a comment below or get in touch.

Until next time,

Stacey Finlay

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