1 Free Book 1 New Release

I just emailed everyone on my mailing list about this, but I thought the timing was great and wanted to share it here too!

In addition to having Bought by a Billionaire Daddy coming out Friday (May 25th), I also have Into The Darkness coming out of Kindle Unlimited on Saturday (May 26th).

As regular readers would know already (so you can skip this paragraph if it sounds too familiar!) I am taking books out of kindle unlimited where I have signed an exclusivity arrangement to re-release in paperback and for wider distribution. The re-releases mean that the books get an overhaul again by me including another round of edits and a new cover. So far I have re-released Billionaires Little Sweetheart and Saint Paddy’s Daddy, with three new re-releases this summer, one of which I already announced is Alice’s Adventures in Kinkyland, the other will be announced early next month.

In case you missed it as well, here’s the blurb to the wonderful Bought by a Billionaire Daddy, I am so excited for this release as it’s the last release until September, so is quite a big deal for me as – aside from the re-releases – I won’t get to release any new novels until then:

With everything to gain, Lucy seeks out the underground world of BDSM slave auctions. Without a moments hesitation, Lucy puts herself up for sale. Consenting to being someone’s slave is the hottest thing she can imagine. Hot nights as someones pleasure slave, not having any adult responsibilities beyond pleasing someone and making them happy, what could be sweeter?

Lucy is sold to a passionate and sexy man for a cool million dollars. Zac is a billionaire and after she signs his slave contract where she agrees, among other things, to call him ‘Daddy’, he shows her a world she could never have dreamed of. But, for Lucy, it comes at a price. She signed a contract giving herself to him, as well as everything she owned. Not that he needs her possessions with his billions, but this man does hold all the chips.

When Lucy realizes that she is in love with this man who keeps her as a highly valued baby girl slave, she begs her Daddy to burn the contract and take her as his equal partner, but he won’t budge. In desperation, Lucy runs away and he quickly finds her.

What will happen next? Will they find a way to make it work because he loves her just as much as she loves him? Or, will they burn the contract they signed and go their separate ways despite their sizzling connection?

A hot BDSM love story with a strong daddy dominant and sweet baby girl slave, this book has steamy scenes between our protagonists. A stand-alone book with a guaranteed happily ever after (HEA). A book so hot, it’ll melt your kindle.

Sounds cool, huh? When I was working on it and told a friend about the book, she got all excited and said she wanted to be the Heroine. I’ve told everyone on the mailing list that a pre-order purchase is like saying, ‘I’d love to be that Heroine!’ So, if it sounds hot, vote with your pre-order I say!

Until next time – Happy Reading!


(S. L. Finlay)

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