#AgePlayNews For April

When you can’t find something you want, sometimes the answer is to make it. #AgePlayNews is a spot to bring together all the awesome stuff that age players love on a monthly basis. Due to this being the first monthly #AgePlayNews, there will be less news because other news was covered earlier this month already.

My newest age play romance novel, The Parisian Billionaire Sugar Daddy Agency is now available on Amazon. 

Also, if you’re a kindle unlimited reader, you might want to read age play romance novel Alice’s Adventures In Kinkyland while it’s still free on the platform (goes out of kindle unlimited in three days’ time, reasons in this blog post). 

Last month, USA Today reported that target were selling unicorn magic (seems a little cruel that they’re stealing magic from unicorns to me!), and it got me thinking about all the little unicorn gadgets I have been seeing everywhere that I’d love to incorporate into my writing life. Some unicorn tech could really help me do better work.

If you’re a writer, or just love unicorns, you’ll love the things I’ve been daydreaming about to improve my age play stories, to decorate my working life:

There’s unicorn laptop skins aplenty

Image result for unicorn laptop skins

Then there’s unicorn USBs

Image result for unicorn usb

Unicorn phone chargers are a thing (I need one of these so bad! Do you think the unicorn magic would stop my phone running flat at bad times?)Image result for unicorn phone charger

All of this while I’ll have all of this chilling in my unicorn onesie (yeah, I do have one of these already, of course I do):

Image result for unicorn onesie

A bonus as well, what a colouring book title!:

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