Available free in Kindle Unlimited for just one more week: Alice’s Adventures In Kinkyland

Happy to let you all know that you have one more week to read Alice’s Adventures In Kinkyland free on kindle unlimited before it’s taken off kindle unlimited permanently. This is part of my move to get more of my work available to a wider audience. This is because when an ebook is in kindle unlimited, it can’t be available outside of Amazon. After this week, Alice’s Adventures In Kinkyland will be under going a re-vamp so it can be re-released as a second edition on Kobo, Smashwords and other retailers that allow age play stories. 

A bit about Alice’s Adventures In Kinkyland

What if Alice didn’t fall down the rabbit hole, but found it and decided to walk that path on her own?

Alice is no stranger to being led down rabbit holes. Years ago she met a man who her over-protective friends forced her to stop seeing before they told her in dark whispers was a pervert, how he is too dangerous, too much, for the likes of innocent little Alice.

When people tell you not to go near someone though, it only serves to make that person more attractive to you. When Alice went searching for the man everyone called a pervert she finds a secret underground community of people who share the same kinks and perversions as her. Alice allows herself to be led further down the rabbit hole into a world she never knew existed, full of weird and wonderful things she would never have thought up in her wildest dreams.

This crazy upside down world is fun, but what excites Alice most is the Daddy Dominants. The men who take their over-age, unrelated partners in hand and guide them through the world of kink and fetish while still offering them plenty of love and support.

As Alice chases the path of the Daddy Dom she becomes acquainted with Matt, a very sexy – and single – Daddy Dom. Will he guide her? And, if he does, what will their relationship look like?

Warning: This book contains details of kink, fetish and BDSM as we follow one womans exploration of this darker world. Elements of age play and Daddy Dom lay at the heart of this book. If any of these themes upset you, don’t buy the book.

When you read the book too, if you could leave a review so others may find the book more easily, that would be wonderful as well!

Thank you guys! You’ll be hearing from me again tomorrow with #AgePlayNews and the release of The Parisian Billionaire Sugar Daddy Agency

Until then, happy reading!


Stacey Finlay

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