#AgePlayNews For April 6th: AgePlay Online Edition

After being unable to find a space for age players like myself online, I decided I would make one. This blog, my books, and the community of people who have signed up for my email newsletter to date are my community of fellow age players and here is the weekly #AgePlayNews round-up. All the good stuff, all in one place!

In this edition of Age Play News, I’ll be covering places online where age players hang out, where to get your hot little age play unicorn tee and how they’re even talking about us in VICE.

Yours truly designed a tee and hoodie specially for age players. Pretty cute, huh?

VICE published a piece about BDSM (of course!) that mentions age play in passing. Not a bad piece, even if age play only gets a small mention.

When looking for places for age players to hang out online (beside the obvious social media of fetlife, tumblr, twitter, facebook groups, etc) I asked a forum on fetlife where they got down and kinky and received a number of answers (mostly by private message, oddly), listed below in order of my preference.

Reddit have a bunch of age play groups, however, /r/littlespace easily became my favourite quickly.

I’d mentioned it previously, but LittleSpace Online is an age play community using a forum (forums are not common anymore, but nice!)

F-List apparently has a heap of different groups for people who want to roleplay age play online. It didn’t really resonate with me however. Would love to hear from people who do like it though!

There was also KinkstersChat which has a lot of age players chatting away.

I’m always up for hearing about different communities of age players online and if you know of a good one, comment on this post with a link or send me a message via social media or my contact form and I’ll check it out and recommend it if I think blog readers would get a lot out of it.

As always, until next time – happy reading!

S. L. Finlay

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