Real Princesses Ride Unicorns Tee & Hoodie Available!

If you’re on my email mailing list, then you’ve already heard the exciting news that I have designed something  beautiful for the age play community to wear! For everyone else who has not yet signed up (you can sign up on the blog page, FYI), here’s the big news!

I’m looking for baby girl products that I can wear in my everyday life and sometimes struggling. I wanted something that I could wear and feel all happily, blissfully little wearing without feeling as if I am flying the age play flag because as much as it’s cool to be in touch with your authentic self, there are some people you don’t want to know about your age play life. Like, say, your boss or parents or siblings or whatever.

So, there I was looking for more products and failing when I came across a website where I could design my own gear, and guess what I did?

Now, I am purchasing one of these tees which I have designed (or maybe the hoodie, probably the hoodie with the cold weather in Australia at the moment) for myself, however, I need others to purchase tees and hoodies because the company doesn’t print apparel unless it’s worth their while and they have a few designs. So, if you are someone who loves unicorns as much as I am, or there’s a princess in your life who you know would love a tee or hoodie (or even a sticker, they’re an option too) then purchase away and we can join an exclusive club of people who know these tees/hoodies/stickers are for age players, even as they might not look like it. 

It’s worth keeping in mind too that all orders have to be in by April 16, as that’s the date when the company print the tees/hoodies/stickers and send them out. This is a limited time offer guys, so jump on it while you can!

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