After failing to find an age play community that fit me, I decided I would make one. Every week I write about the things I found in the age play world so others like me can smile about the awesome age play world as big as I do!

This week, when trying to find more of those ‘adult colouring books’ that are marketed to big kids who need a bit of stress relief, I decided I wanted something a bit more adult and age play related. A quick google search bought me to a page filled with pages to print and colour in. I later joined that forum, and am currently checking it out as its newest member. Anyone else on there?

Age Play youtube channel! This one is very popular and I have been watching her for some time, but if you’re not onto it, you might want to check out the youtube channel of Binkie Princess. V. Good channel about a young girl and her similar-aged daddy, for those who want to see this fetish portrayed between two people of similar ages (outside of my books of course!)

Speaking of books too, my book Cowboy’s Baby is out today as well. So grab your copy and give it a read!

That’s all for this week, until next time happy reading!

S. L. Finlay

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