After trying to find a community to talk to about DD/lg and age play and failing, I have decided that I will start the conversation here on my author blog. Every Friday evening (Melbourne time) I will be writing a blog post with a round-up of all the things that are happening in the world of age play. Or at least all the things that I thought were cool that week and wanted to share with other age players.

Valentine’s Day was this week, and there was a heap of great kink-themed Valentine’s stuff out there, which was amazing! I did love the interview with a local kinkster on The Hookup Podcast. They also allude to an episode about Daddies, it’s mostly about DILFs (Dad I Want To Fuck) than age play Daddy’s, but it’s alright. There’s actually has a really good demonstration on the ‘daddy’ taboo.

This college newspaper interviews students about their sexual selves. The piece talks about BDSM, fetish, daddy dom, age play and other sexy topics.

Of course, I released a Daddy-themed story on Valentine’s Day. It’s called Role Playing Daddy For Valentine’s Day. It’s sweet and steamy at the same time.

Love British accents? This British Daddy Dom reads bedtime stories. I really enjoyed them actually! Of course, there are a bunch of apps that do bedtime stories and the like, too, but I like that this is done by a Daddy Dom.

That’s it for this week. Should you guys find something (or create something) worth mentioning in the round up, please let me know in the comments, on social media or via the contact page of the website.

Until next week,

S. L. Finlay

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