Is This A Cover Reveal? Sure, Why Not!?

So, Saint Paddy’s Daddy has been out for ages (since St. Patrick’s Day 2017, even!) but I hated the cover, like, really hated it. I had commissioned a cover artist who really didn’t love their work to make it and because they hated their job and didn’t want to make my cover it wasn’t ready until the day before the book was to go for pre-order when I didn’t have time to get another one made up.

This time though, I approached the same artist who I have worked with for most of my other covers since that disaster happened (she hasn’t made every cover for every book though, just made the covers since that awful one was made). She’s awesome, and I love this cover!

SO, this is sort of like the cover reveal I never got to have for the book which I still love.

Also, just quietly, there is a paperback version of this book on its way, and the book is already available on Smashwords and will be available in other online shop fronts very soon. I know that readers of mine don’t all use Amazon, so this is part of that project to get all my work off exclusive agreements with Amazon and into the hands of my readers who get joy from reading the stories of my characters.

Until next time, Happy reading!

S. L. Finlay

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