Read Saint Paddy’s Daddy For Free For One More Week!

Saint Paddy’s Daddy is available for free ‘loan’ for Kindle Unlimited users for one more week! I wanted to let everyone know so no-one missed out on the deal.

I am taking a number of my books out of Kindle Unlimited (this is the second one after Billionaire’s Little Sweetheart was taken out last month) and re-releasing them for wider distribution outside Amazon (to Kobo, iTunes, Nook, etc). As to have books in Kindle Unlimited authors have to sign an exclusivity agreement with Amazon. I was okay with that previously, however, as my audience is growing I am receiving more complaints from readers about wanting to download my ebooks at their favourite retailer and being unable to do so as everything is on Amazon. So this is the first step to serving my readers better!

Saint Paddy’s Daddy blurb:

When Mary and her best friend Donna win a trip to Dublin to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the girls are excited for the trip of a lifetime. Neither of them want the typical experience of the holiday they receive in the States though, one of green beer and parades full of Celtic stereotypes. They’re going to make this special day their own.

While exploring Dublin and discovering the city isn’t all pots of gold left by leprechauns, Mary meets a man who changes her view on more than just The St. Patrick’s Day Holiday. He is the strong silent type most women fantasise about, but this guy has some less conventional interests in the bedroom that leave Mary wondering whether she can tell her BFF about what they have been doing between the sheets. He wants to look after her and be her ‘Daddy’.

Will Mary let this wonderful connection she experiences with the hunky local be just a holiday romance or will she push for more from him? When they lift the planes landing gear, where will her heart be?

WARNING: This book contains descriptions of rough sex, spanking, age play and domestic discipline. Please do not purchase this book if any of these things offend you.

Grab your free copy on amazon now!

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